Quilting Order Form

Once you hit submit, you will receive an email with further instructions and the address where to ship your quilt.

Prices start at .025 - .035 per square inch for pantograph quilting depending on the design.

NY State sales tax (8%) is added to all services and goods purchased 

Please choose the date you would like your quilt returned.

Tell me about your quilt here.  Who will receive it and how will it be used?  Pattern, fabric and colors you chose?  Is it directional in design?

Please choose your batting

What design  would you like me to quilt for you?  If you are unsure, just type "Help me decide" in the field below and I will assist!

Optional Binding Services - calculate by (length + width) x 2 = linear inches

How would you like me to trim your quilt?  (There is no charge for trimming)

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Please add your Instagram or Facebook handle here for me to tag you.  If you want me to hold my posts for a certain date, please let me know here.

Once you submit this form. I will send you an email with further details on where to ship your quilt.  I can provide a detailed estimate before starting your quilt.  Once it is finished, I will invoice you.  Payment in full is required before shipping it back to you.   Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Thank you for choosing me to quilt for you! You will love your beautiful quilt!

Ready, Set, GO!