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Low Density Free Motion Edge to Edge (Meander)                                           

Includes thread of one color choice.                                               

$.025  cents per square inch.                                                               Click here for longarm quilting

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Edge to Edge Medium Pantograph Quilting                           

Includes thread of one color choice

$.03 cents per square inch

Semi-Custom Quilting and High Density Edge to Edge

Free motion or pantorgraph designs done edge-to-edge or with different design in borders or sashing. May include light ruler work and light stitch in the ditch

$.04  cents per square inch and up depending on designs

Custom Quilting

Individual block designs with different designs in borders or sashing, ruler work, SID,

high density fills, 

$.10 cents per square inch and up depending on designs

Minimum charge for small quilted item $50

Thread Color Change on any service - $5 each change

Estimating Your Price 

Measure your quilt top in inches both side to side and top to bottom.  Multiply the two to get the total square inches in your quilt top.  Multiply this by the cost per square inch to get an idea of the total amount for quilting your top.  

If you would like an exact quote before your top is quilted, just ask and I will be happy to do this. Quotes do  not include additional services or shipping.


I can supply batting for you if you do not wish to send your own batting.

Standard batting is Hobbs 80/20 in white.  Please inquire at time of booking your quilt.

Additional Services

Pressing quilt top or back - $15

Squaring up quilt top or back - $10

Thread trimming - $15

Centering pieced backing to quilt top - $15

Making, applying and machine finishing binding to edge of quilt - $.30 per linear inch

Making and applying binding to edge of quilt - $.25 per linear inch

Applying your premade binding to front of quilt - $.10 per linear inch

Hand stitching binding to back of quilt - $.25 per linear inch

Longarm Rental and Setup 

Orientation to Equipment (mandatory one-time session) -$50

Rental at $25 per hour.  Thread and bobbin charge $10 per session.

Quilting Instruction, Design and Project Consultation

$25 per hour (including travel time if needed)


Please ship your quilt top, backing and batting to me using USPS or UPS and make sure your items are insured. I will return the finished quilt to you via USPS insured.  Before I send your quilt home to you, I will let you know the shipping costs.


I accept PayPal, personal checks or money orders.  All quilts must be paid in full before shipping.

Contact me by email at - info@karynquilts.com - or on Instagram or Facebook - @karynquilts