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Edge to Edge Quilting...

Edge to edge quilting uses rows of nesting patterns in a single color or variegated thread.  The pattern travels from one side of the quilt to the other, without stopping.  There are hundreds of different patterns and designs available.  Modern edge to edge designs often feature texture rather than a motif.  Edge to edge designs  can vary in density and complexity.  The one you choose will depend on your fabric and pattern design and how you envision the quilt being used.

See a wide selection of edge-to-edge quilting designs  Browse for ideas but if you don't see what you have in mind, just let me know when you book your quilt!  I'm always adding more to the collection. 

Edge to edge designs start at $0.035 per square inch.

Edge to Edge Quilting

Edge to edge spider web quilting on a scary quilt!

Edge to edge quilting

Custom Quilting...

Custom quilting may use both free-motion and computerized designs.  Ruler work for straight lines and geometrics is often used in both modern and traditional quilts. 

Custom quilting design can incorporate different threads and thread colors.


When doing free-motion hand guided quilting and rulers, I will design original quilting paths to show off your fabric choices, piecing and colors.  

Stitch in the ditch is considered a custom technique, as it is painstaking to perfect and requires lots of time.

Show quilts are extra special and if you are planning to show your quilt, I would love to help you design something spectacular!

Custom quilting is billed on an hourly rate of $30 per hour.  Often this translates to roughly $0.05 - $0.10 per square inch.  

Dornemann Detail.jpg

Binding Your Quilt

Would you like help in preparing or attaching your binding?  Choose from these options:

You can supply your pre-made binding (cut, sewn and ironed into one single-fold strip) and I will stitch it to the front of your quilt with the longarm- so you can turn it to the back and finish it as you desire by hand or machine.  $0.15 per linear inch

I will make the binding (from your provided yardage), iron it and stitch the binding to the front of your quilt with the longarm so you can hand finish it yourself.  $0.25 per linear inch

I turn the installed binding to the back, miter the corners and finish by sit-down machine.  $0.20 per linear inch (additional to the installation charge)

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